Naruto: Return of the Rikudo

In the Age of the Shinobi, Warriors fight on Behalf of there Village...
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Iwagakure:is the hidden village of the Land of Earth. As one of the five great ninja villages, Iwagakure has a Kage as its leader known as the Tsuchikage. There have been three Tsuchikage, the most recent being Ōnoki. Iwagakure is well-known for the rock-hard attitude of its shinobi; as soon as the Tsuchikage gives an order, the Iwa-nin do so without hesitating, even if it means death. Iwagakure ninja seem to specialise in earth release techniques.

Tailed Beast

Four Tailed Beast: Sealed
Host: Roshi
Five Tailed Beast: Sealed
Host: Han

* Kamizuru Clan:

is a clan of bee users from Iwagakure who were once very well known.

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