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 Hadouken's Technques

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PostSubject: Hadouken's Technques   Hadouken's Technques Icon_minitimeSun May 06, 2012 8:46 pm

Rank: B
Description: With the Hanku Spear, Hadouken can release a Large Fireball
from the staff, withholding outstanding destructive power. Enough to Easily Level a Small Shack or hut with Ease

Name: Heavenly Wrath, Earth Destroyer
Description: By Slamming his hand or staff onto the ground, Hadouken can cause a small Earthquake around his opponents feet, throwing them off balance and leaving wide open for attack

Name: Hanku Spear' Gold Piercing
Rank: A
Description: the Hanku Spear, Glows a Bright Gold Color
and Gains tremendous piercing power. Legend states that it can pierce anything even the steel
of the Legendary Kusanagi blade.

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Hadouken's Technques
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