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 Mei terumi's Techniques

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Mei Terumi
Mei Terumi

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PostSubject: Mei terumi's Techniques   Mei terumi's Techniques Icon_minitimeWed Mar 21, 2012 10:12 pm

Name:Boil Release: Skilled Mist Technique
Type: Offense
Description:Mei creates a cloud of mist which she releases from her mouth. This mist has extremely corrosive properties, capable of melting even the bones of the Susanoo.[1] The technique has an inherent disadvantage in that its effects are indiscriminate, limiting its usage to areas that do not contain allies. In the event that the mist escapes the containment area, the user can adjust the pH of the mist to safer levels.

Though the mist is corrosive to all around it, the user seems to be immune to it, as Mei used it in an enclosed area without endangering herself.
Rank: C rank

Name:Hiding in Mist Technique
Description:This displacement technique is a speciality of the ninja from Kirigakure, where one causes a mist to spring forth by lifting up some water from either a pre-existing source or expelled from their mouth,[2] then goes in and out of sight at will from within the pearly-white realm. The mist's thickness is controlled by the amount of chakra kneaded into it. It can't fool the Byakugan, but, due to the mist being created with the user's chakra, any Sharingan and Rinnegan-user will see the mist coloured by their opponent's chakra, which will effectively hide the user from the dōjutsu.
Rank: C rank

Name:Lava Release Lava Globs
Description:The user releases several globs of lava of various sizes at the target. The technique can also be manipulated to block doors and narrow exits using the hardening process of lava to prevent a target from escaping.
Rank:C rank

Name: Lava Release Melting Apparition Technique
Type: Offense
Description:The user releases a large amount of lava from their mouth, which spreads into a broad, thin sheet as it travels through the air. Since the lava is shot upwards in an arc, so as to descend onto the targets from above, it prevents the intended individuals from jumping up to avoid the attack. A great deal of steam is created afterwards by the effects of the lava, so should the targets still be alive, a follow-up attack can be conducted while their vision remains obscured.
Rank: C rank

Name:Water Release Water Dragon Bullet
Type: Offense
Description:This technique shapes a large amount of water into a giant, powerful dragon, which hits the opponent with formidable might, dealing physical damage. The ideal place to use it is near a body of water, but if the user's skill allows it, it is possible to use it even in a place where there is none. The amount of water used will be in proportion with the user's skill.
Rank: B rank

Name:Water Release Water Encampment Pillar
Type: Offense/Defense
Description:A defensive technique where chakra kneaded inside the body is converted into water, and then expelled from the mouth in a dense, curved torrent, effectively creating a near-instantaneous barricade that can be used to intercept incoming attacks.
Rank: B rank
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Mei terumi's Techniques
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