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In the Age of the Shinobi, Warriors fight on Behalf of there Village...
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 Chakra and Battle Directory

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The Following displays amount a chakra a character has upon
rank, and the amount of chakra needed for specific jutsu, they're are special abilities that apply for Jinchuriki as well.

Kages ~ 150,000
Anbu ~ 85,000
Jounin ~ 80,000
Chunin ~ 50,000
Genin ~ 35,000

Jinchuriki: If a Jinchuriki is pushed to having nearly no chakra avaible
for us they can tap into their bijuu's power, then will restore their chakra nad multiple by a factor
depending on the Bijuu

Kurama:(Nine Tails Fox) x 8.5
Gyuki:(Eight Tails Ox) x 7.5
Chomei:(Seven Tails Beetle) x6.5
Saiken:(Six Tail Slug) x 5.5
Kokuo:(Five Tail Dolphin Horse) x 4.5
Son Goku:(Four Tails Monkey) x 3.5
Isobu:(Three Tailed Turtle) x 3
Matabi:(Two Tail Cat) x2.5
Shukaku:(One Tail Raccoon Dog) x2

The Following Displays the amount of chakra needed for Jutsu by Rank
The amount needed for Kekkei Genkai techniques are halved.

S-rank ~20,000
A-Rank ~ 12,000
B-Rank ~ 9,000
C-Rank ~ 6,000
D-Rank ~ 3,000

Number of Techniques Available
by Ranks:
~ 30 All Together

~ 20 All Together
*Only 2 S-rank

~ 20 All Together
*Only 1 S-rank

~ 15 All Together
*Only 2 A rank

~ 10 All Together
*Only 1 A rank

Academy Student:
~ 7 All Together
*Only C Rank & Lower Available

Your Genjutsu, Ninjutsu & Taijutsu
levels will gradually grow with practicing your moves, & accomplishing missions
and battles with other Shinobi.

Above Kage Level
Kage Level:
Anbu Level:
Jounin Level:
Chunin Level:
Genin Level:
Academy Student Level:

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Chakra and Battle Directory
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