Naruto: Return of the Rikudo

In the Age of the Shinobi, Warriors fight on Behalf of there Village...
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 Canon Characters & Plot

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PostSubject: Canon Characters & Plot   Canon Characters & Plot Icon_minitimeTue Mar 20, 2012 10:46 pm

Plot: The Story takes Place After Gaof the Desert has Been revived
by the Elder Chiyo. Without Naruto & Sasuke in the Middle of the Story of course the plot wil progress differently. This Does Not Mean the Site will Follow the Same Agenda as the Manga All Members are free to do as they Please. Now Some Key Points in the Site are as Follows.

Key Points:
~ Without Sasuke Being Orochimaru's Goal He Does Not
Atteck the Leaf Village During the Chunin Exams, Therefore Hiruzen Sarutobi
& the Sound FIVE are Still Alive & Kicking.

~ We prefer members create their own charcters but, canon characters are acceptable

~ No Kakashi

~ Zabuza & Haku are Also Available Characters
due to team seven never have being formed at their time

~ Itachi & Madara Did Not Completely Massacre
the Entire Uchiha Clan, but were Successful in killing off a Majority.
So only a limited number of Uchiha will Be Available

~ All of the Akatsuki are Still Alive at this Point(Canon or Non-Canon Approved)

~ A New Jinchuriki for the Nine-Tails will be Needed, Instead of Minato placing the Demon
in his own Child, it Would have been placed in another.

~ Tsunade and Jiraiya are Both Still Devoted to the
Village & Never Stray to Far Away.
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Canon Characters & Plot
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